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Looking for a great way to increase brand awareness & your online community? Team up with Made in YEG and make your next giveaway a success!

How it works:

  • We promote your giveaway (for free) to our community of 25,000+ locals

  • Our followers tag their friends and family on the giveaway post - further increasing brand exposure

  • We send our followers to your social media page which results in website traffic, increased followers and heightened engagement

  • Once the giveaway is complete, we direct the winner to contact your business directly to work out the prize details

How effective are our giveaways?

In just 12 hours, our Candy Cane Lane giveaway (December 6/18) reached 9,845 accounts. Not only did the post receive hundreds of likes and comments/tags, we also directed hundreds of new followers to their dedicated social media page. We provide a complimentary summary of your giveaway’s results within 1 week of the campaign ending.

Now accepting applications:

We have a limited amount of giveaway slots available for 2019. We review all applications and carefully choose partners based on what we believe our followers would be most interested in. To ensure your giveaway is a success, we strongly encourage prizes that exceed $100.00 in retail value.

We are thrilled to partner with local non-profits & charities - please fill out the form below and make sure to inquire about a free Made in YEG membership!


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